wild. life. art.

Esther is a South African watercolour artist who portrays the beauty of our natural world. Whether she paints wildlife, scenes from nature, African landscapes or portraits of the people of Africa, her main inspiration is life - and the preservation thereof.

She is fiercely opposed to hunting, poaching, polluting, and over-development.
Every one of her paintings carry the message:"I am beautiful. I am alive.
There are not many of us left. Please do not kill me. Do not pollute me."

By raising awareness of the beauty of nature she hopes to inspire people to appreciate our wildlife and encourage protection of our fellow residents and their habitat on Planet Earth.

She loves working with watercolours because the way the paint runs and swirls on the paper is so alive. And what is more fitting than portraying a living creature with a living medium?

Every painting grows into itself, layer by transparent layer, organically growing an impression of living light.

Her work is mostly found in private collections.
Permanent exhibits have been commissioned by institutions such as the KwaZulu-Natal National Heritage Museum and Investec Private Bank.